Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors | Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. - Dallas, TX

Simultaneously classic and modern, rustic and hip, sliding barn doors are a stylish feature to add to your living space. Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. provides charming sliding barn doors that bring the grandness and practicality of traditional American country architecture into your own home.

Sliding barn doors accentuate high ceilings, making them perfect for lofts and spacious houses alike. Because they don’t swing outwards, they take up far less space than a standard, hinged door.

With their striking and functional appearance, sliding barn doors make great additions to locations throughout the home.

Kitchens - Sporting a practical look, sliding barn doors are a fantastic way to divide a working kitchen from a dining space, offering plenty of room to move gracefully back and forth between the two.

Flexible Living Space - Because barn doors are very wide, they allow you to transform two rooms into one open space and back again. Switch from airy and roomy to cozy and private in the blink of an eye. Close the door while family members are focusing on work in separate rooms during the day, then open it again to create a common space when friends come over in the evening.

Pantries and Closets - Because they slide rather than open, these barn doors provide ready access to smaller rooms in your home, allowing you to move bulky objects in and out of them quickly and easily.

Sliding barn doors are a fine addition to the growing line of products Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. provides to Dallas, TX homes. Check out our portfolio for recent examples of our work and then contact us for further ideas on how we can improve your house.