Rustic Wood Mantles

Rustic Wood Mantles

Rustic Wood Mantles | Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. - Dallas, TX

Nothing says home like a cheery hearth. Rustic wood mantles are great for accentuating fireplaces, drawing attention to the centerpiece of your living room or den and adding to the lively, social atmosphere of your Dallas home. Custom distressed and finished, the mantles from Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. are imbued with a personality that simultaneously welcomes and impresses.

Because they are often close to roaring fires and chimney drafts, poorly constructed mantles quickly show their age by warping or cracking. Choosing a quality mantle made by a trusted producer, however, ensures that you’ll have an addition to your home that keeps its value and beauty for a lifetime. Make gatherings around your exquisitely decorated fireplace a family tradition for years to come.

Mantles are a great idea for other reasons as well.

Add Display Space - Our rustic wood mantles are more than pieces of decoration. They are solidly constructed with spacious surfaces that offer value as display spaces. Don’t leave lonely, monotonous gaps in your living spaces over fireplaces and chimneys. With one of our quality mantles, you can display those framed photographs of family members or charming mementos of travels that truly personalize a room.

Add Color and Life - As with all quality wood interior pieces, rustic wood mantles give a room a friendly, relaxing look. Unlike the stone or brick materials that are used to build fireplaces and chimneys, wood has a living, organic feel that puts people at ease and draws them into their surroundings.

Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. is proud to offer our customers these fine-looking additions to their fireplaces. Contact us and ask to look at our rustic wood mantles today.