Custom Wood Beams

Custom Wood Beams

Custom Wood Beams | Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. - Dallas, TX

Custom wood beams are our specialty. We hew, distress, and finish all of our beams according to your overall design. Our real wood products give a distinctive character to your home’s interior and delight the eye with their classic look. Each beam or truss exudes character, strength, and individuality rare in modern homes. The beauty of our products will boost your home’s value and make it into a place in which you’re truly happy to live.

Because every project we undertake is unique, the prices of our products and services tend to vary in accordance with the particular style chosen and the complexity of the design. We promise to give you the fairest price possible, and you’ll find that we offer another scarce commodity, real value for money.

Our custom wood beams make a wonderful addition to any home for many reasons.

Warmth - The beams and trusses we produce are hand cut and distressed to give them a natural, timeless look that brings warmth to any room. Make your living room or family room more inviting to friends and guests with glowing, gentle wood. Or appreciate the taste of a hot, home-cooked meal all the more while eating it beneath a set of rustic beams. Wherever you choose to install them, our beams and trusses give off a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Individuality - Because each item is cut, distressed, and finished to order by hand, every project we take on develops its own individual character. If you long for a home decor that is as unique as you are, our custom wood beams are a great choice.

Craftsmanship - How much we care shows through in our craftsmanship. The beams we sell are made with a dedication to precision and elegance that makes redecorating a breeze. Non-load bearing, they are light to transport and easy to install in any space.

Whether you’re building or renovating in the Dallas, TX area, the custom wood beams we make at Green Valley Beam & Truss Co. are a perfect addition to any room in your home. Contact us today to have a look at our products first hand take the first step towards transforming your home today!